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Article I, Preamble

Section 1-Name

The name of this organization shall be: Englewood Amateur Radio Society, Inc.


Section 2-Purpose

The purposes of this Society are to further the exchange of information and cooperation among its members; promote the science of radio communication; demonstrate, urge and teach good operating habits; preserve the customs of amateur radio; sponsor and promote educational programs for its members and the general public; and render service to the public and public agencies.




Article II, Membership

Section 1-Eligibility

Persons holding a valid amateur radio license and persons interested in the science and technology of amateur radio communications are eligible for membership.


Section 2-Application

Persons eligible for membership may file an application for membership with the Secretary. Membership dues for the first year shall be paid at the time of such filing.


Section 3-Dues

Membership dues for an individual shall be $15.00 per year. An immediate relative of a full dues paying member, living at the same address, may become a member with full rights, except the right to individual notices and mailings, upon payment of dues of $3.50 per year. Dues for the current year shall be $8.00 if the application is filed after July first.


Section 4-Term of Membership

The society shall operate on a calendar year basis. Any member whose dues are not paid by the Annual meeting is not in good standing. Membership shall automatically terminate if dues remain unpaid at the end of February.



Article III, Officers

Section 1-Officers

The Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Three Trustees consisting of two elected and the immediate past president. All officers must be licensed Amateur Radio operators.


Section 2-Duties of Officers

Officers shall have such duties and responsibilities as are usual and customary to their respective offices.


Section 3-Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting, for a term of one year commencing on closing of the ceremonies of election.


Section 4-Vacancies

Vacancies in office may be filled by appointment of the President for balance of the vacated term, subject to ratification by the membership at the next regular meeting following such appointment.


Section 5-Compensation of Officers

Officers shall serve without compensation for their services.


Section 6-Nomination of Officers

At the November meeting in each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee which shall make its report at the December meeting. Nominations from the floor shall be permitted at the Annual Meeting.


Section 7-Removal of Officers

Officers may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the votes cast at a special meeting.


Article IV, Meetings

Section 1-Regular Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held monthly at such time and place as determined by the membership.


Section 2-Voting Rights and Quorum

Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Twenty percent of such members, including at least one officer, constitute a quorum.


Section 3-Annual Meeting

The regular meeting in January shall be the Annual Meeting for the election of officers, the submission of the Treasurer's Annual Report, presentation of the Presidentís Report on the State of the Society, filing of reports of committees, and the transaction of such other business as is usual.


Section 4-Reports

All reports shall be filed with the Secretary and become part of the records of the Society.


Section 5-Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called by the President or by another officer in the absence of the President, and shall be called on petition, signed by not less than 10 members in good standing, and filed with the Secretary. The Secretary shall give the membership not less than 10 days notice in writing of the time, place and purpose of such special meeting. Only business specified in such notice shall be conducted.


Section 6-Notice of Meetings

Reasonable written notice shall be given of the time and place of regular meetings and of the Annual Meeting.


Section 7-Satisfaction of Notice Requirement

Where written notice is required to be given to the membership, such notice may be given by inclusion of suitable statements in the regular bulletin or publication of this Society, if such exists.


Section 8-Appeal to the Decision of the Chair

The membership may, by majority vote, override rulings of the chair.


Section 9-Parliamentary References

Practices and procedures shall be in accord with Robert's Rules of Order except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws.


Article V, Amendments

Section 1-Procedure

These Bylaws may be amended by action in accordance with this Article


Section 2-Submission and Notice

Proposed amendments, in writing, shall be submitted to the Secretary who shall, as soon as practical, cause same to be distributed to the membership, together with notice of the time and place of the regular meeting at which action will be taken.


Section 3-Adoption

The affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the members voting shall be required for adoption of an amendment.


Section 4-Recording

The Secretary shall preserve these Bylaws and all amendments hereto in a separate ledger. The amendments shall be indexed to show, among other items, date of adoption, affected Article and Section affected and substance of the amendment.


Section 5-Distribution

On admission to the society, each member shall be given a copy of the Bylaws as then in effect.


Article VI, Budget

Section 1-Budget Committee

A Budget Committee consisting of the Trustees and the Treasurer shall submit a prepared budget to the membership for final approval at the regular meeting following the annual meeting.


Section 2-Disperse Funds

Membership approval by a two-thirds vote of members present at the budget meeting shall constitute authority for the Treasurer to disburse funds up to the amount approved in the Budget per line item. Disbursement for items not in the approved budget and totaling $100.00 or less during the budget year shall require approval of at least 4 officers. Disbursement for items not in the approved budget and totaling more than $100.00 during the budget year shall require approval of the officers and membership by a two-thirds vote at a meeting announced at least 30 days in advance to all members. (Revised JAN. 2004)


Procedure for the Management of Club Assets

This procedure is designed to address the handling of equipment or other assets donated to the club by members or others. All assets donated become property of the club and belong to the club membership at large. It is important that strict guidelines be followed in the accepting, recording and distribution of any club property.


Assignment of responsibility

The club Trustees will have primary responsibility for assuring that this procedure is being followed in every case involving the transfer of equipment to the club. They will also be responsible for the custody of all donated equipment however, they can make any storage arrangements that they believe appropriate.


Accepting Donated Equipment

Any donation to the club must be promptly acknowledged by a letter sent to the donor and signed by a trustee or any officer. A copy of this letter must be sent to the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Control and Reporting Requirements

The Secretary will maintain a record indicating the type of equipment, serial number, a general statement of condition, and a "record book value" if applicable. Any item judged by the Trustees to have a value of $100 or over must be assigned a "recorded book value" dollar amount.

The President or his designee must formally announce the acquisition of any donated equipment at the next club membership meeting following the actual date of the donation.


Distribution of Club Assets

The Trustees and Officers must jointly approve any action to make any club asset available to the membership through auction, sealed bidding, or placement on the club table for resale. Once the distribution method is agreed upon, the "recorded book value" will be used as the "minimum dollar amount" accepted for bid.

Any item to be made available under the above approved distribution method must be formally announced to the club membership in advance and with written notice in the club newsletter at least thirty days prior of any "for sale" auction. (Policy adopted June 1996)

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