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Documentation for:
BBfkill.exe    VY2K1

For AA4RE REBBS V2.13+   Copyright (c) 1988 and 1994 by H. Roy Engehausen
Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY 

This Y2K update has been written and tested in Windows 98 running in a separate
window along with many other BBseries servers.
Program suggested by, written for and Beta tested by John Anning NU9N,

Warning ! This program will kill files ! Please test it to see that it is
          operating properly before running it in wakeup.bb or a window on
          files that are backed up and expendable.

Automated file cleanup server, files are killed based on age ( In days ) back
to Jan. 1, 1980

You may run it using as many separate configurations as you wish. Files are
specified using regular MS-dos wildcards in a suffix when calling it up.
BBfkill may be run from Wakeup.bb or using BBwait/BBrun in a window.

Example line in Wakeup.bb to kill all files in the d:\bbs\amsat directory
30 days old or older every day at 02:00.

==/==/== 02:00 EX [a] BBFKILL.EXE 30 D:\BBS\AMSAT\*.* [K] [L]

NOTE ! A complete path is required using proper MS-dos syntax even if the
files are in the current directory. If no "\" is present in the suffix the
program may not function properly. Most times you will get an error message.
See [K] & [L] options below.
I have taken many precautions so that accidental operation will not destroy
files, the [K] suffix causes the program to actually delete files.

If run without it the files which would be killed are displayed on the screen.
This allows testing until you are sure it's finding what you want, then add
the [K]

If No time or Filename.ext is specified the program will not run, but an
error message will give a simple syntax example.
Log file:
An OPTIONAL log file may be obtained with a [L] suffix added to the command
when calling up BBfkill. Each option must have it's own set of brackets []
DO NOT USE [KL] or [LK] when calling both options ! See example above.
When this option is used BBfkill appends a list of all the files it kills in
a file called BBfkill.log in the default directory.
This log is NOT in import format and may be viewed with the EF command or
any text file viewer.
Note, the log will build up quite large after a while and you must kill it
manually or with a wakeup.bb command.
Known limitations to date:

Y2K update has been written and tested with Windows-98 DOS (Window) file directory
format. No changes were needed so it should work with DOS 6.0 upwards.

BBfkill uses the following DOS directory command "dir /a-d/-p/-w/od" to obtain
the file dates, oldest first, no directories or pause. There may be some
possibility your SET DIRCMD=??? will have some parameter which is not
overridden by the above. If you have problems they should be evident when
testing without the [K] option. If so try it without a SET DIRCMD=?? in
your Autoexec.bat file. If this corrects the situation either alter your
DIRCMD=?? line or send me a copy of it so I may modify the program to
cover this instance.
Normally you should be able to have about any normal SET DIRCMD=?? parms.
without problems.
This was written and tested on MS-DOS 6.0 and uses it's directory output
format. MS-dos changes this often and some updates may be needed for
proper operation on other versions.
It will only read directory dates in the USA MO-DA-YR format, example 07-31-95
If you have problems contact me and or send a copy of your directory listing.

Files are determined by DATE only, time of day is not a consideration.

I have not accounted for Leap Years, each year is 365 days long. Leap years
will have a day +- error after Feb 28 th.

Report bugs & comments to:

Freeman M Crosby
502 1/2 Estada St. 
Englewood FL 34223

E-mail is the best way to contact me:


Packet address: ( poor path at present )


Have fun !


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