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Documentation for:

BBlook.EXE   Version Y2K1 Copyright (c) 1991-1999 by Freeman M. Crosby W1NPR
BBhlypfx.exe Version Y2K1 Copyright (c) 1991-1999 by Freeman M. Crosby W1NPR

For AA4RE REBBS V2.13+   Copyright (c) 1988 and 1994 by H. Roy Engehausen
Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY 

This Y2K update has been written and tested in Windows 98 running in a separate
window along with many other BBseries servers.

Other Hlookup programs exist and no claim is made that this one is of any
advantage over them. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
It was written to be quick, simple and handle large Hlookup's


Updated and tested with Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY 
Tested with the SAM callbook HD version dated Oct 4 1999

BBhfix.exe and BBmakeyp.exe have been combined into one program BBhlypfx.exe which
does both manual and automated maintenance of your Hlookup.bb file and also prepare
it for use with the Yellow page system.

Purpose of BBlook.exe:

BBlook automatically updates your Hlookup.bb file from message headers, adds new BBS
station and their Hierarchical address and edits any changes.

Additionally for SAM Callsign users:

BBlook will provide several new fields to your Hlookup.bb file which is
obtained from the SAM CallSign database for USA and Canadian BBS's as follows.

BBScall Hier.addr. { City State County Zipcode } Date

This information is used directly by BBreqyp.exe and BBrtyp.exe the Yellow page servers.

Other BBseries programs will also use this information.

You may optionally produce an output file to update other REBBS stations using BBlook.exe 

BBlook will produce a log file to the sysop to report it's operation.

Setup and operation:

First thing ! Make a backup of your hlookup.bb file before proceeding. 

Quick start:
If you are in a hurry and don't want to play with options.
Place BBlook.exe in your default BBS directory and enter ES BBLOOK BBLOOK.EXE
on the command line. BBlook will run quite a while the first time and several
repeats of the same command should be made until you see 0 headers in 0 messages
at the end of the run.
If this is OK then place this line in Wakeup.bb

==/==/== ==:55 ES BBLOOK BBLOOK.EXE

Otherwise see below:

If you wish more options:

This ZIP contains three .EXE files. You should run BBhlypfx.exe before running
BBlook.exe  Make sure that BBhlypfx is in the BBS directory and that either
a path to your DOS sort program is available or sort.exe is in the BBS 
directory. BBhlypfx will compile all the present records in alphabetical
order and remove any duplicate records. You should run BBhlypfx as a DOS
command outside the REBBS program in most cases.

If you wish to run it in Wakeup.bb automatically you may use a suffix.
BBHLYPFX.EXE /A   will cause it to run silently with no options.

Auto mode will read Hlookup.bb and produce Hlookup.bb and save your old one
as Hlookup.old

Use Rebbs's CLOSE - S first if needed  BBhlypfx will take several minutes to

BBhlypfx.exe is menu driven and will offer several options and will create
Hlookup.new as the output file, You will still have the original Hlookup.bb
and Hlookup.new will have to be renamed Hlookup.bb and placed in your BBS
directory to work.

If you maintain a TEMP dos directory ( SET TEMP=C:\TEMP ) or similar then
BBhlypfx will use this to work in if you wish. If this is a RAM-DRIVE it
will speed it up a lot. This option is not available in Auto mode.

Merge two Hlookup files:
Before running BBhlypfx two or more may be combined with the DOS Copy command
Copy Hlookup.001 + Hlookup.002 Hlookup.bb   will combine .001 and .002 into
When BBhlypfx.exe runs all dupes will be removed and a single updated file will be

BBlook.exe will maintain your Hlookup.bb file from message headers and any
messages that are sent out with lists of headers in them.

BBlook starts at the oldest message ( lowest number ) in your message directory
and will eventually catch them all if it is run often enough before the next GM is done.

See notes on running in DV.

It runs from wakeup.bb as a server command using ES BBLOOK BBLOOK.EXE as the
proper format. A message is created that tells you of it's progress, if any
during each run. If you don't wish the message use EX BBLOOK.EXE instead.
A *** None found *** message from REBBS will be created if you use the 
ES BBLOOK BBLOOK.EXE command, this is normal.

BBlook may be run in another window or in Desqview with other BBseries servers in a
batch file with BBwait.exe Obtain BBwait.exe and read the Docs on how this
is done.

DV/ Windows users may wish to use the  /O option explained below.
BBlook.exe will find Hlookup.bb and your message files using parms.bb, it will
keep track of the last message read in a file in your default BBS directory
called Last.hdr. If you wish to reset BBlook.exe to search back through mgs.
use the command BBlook.exe /r #####  ( a space must be placed after the name )
A combination of suffixes as in / SR 2000 will also work .

Last.hdr option:
The file Last.hdr will be created by BBlook.exe on it's first run and the top
line will be the last message number looked at (Not the latest on the system)
The second line will be the total number of headers to look at each run.

You may edit this to any number from 1 to 10000.
The header total will default to 1000 if not changed in Last.hdr
Once changed it will remain until changed again.

A second limiting factor will be that there will be a maximum number of 800
changes. Each station will only be updated ONCE per run.

Runs may be extended or shortened depending on the operation you wish.
As long as you are in the normal BBS directory BBlook may be called from any
directory or path you wish such as ES BBLOOK C:\UTILITY\BBLOOK.EXE 
If you wish to run BBlook from the DOS prompt and want to see it's activity you
may use the suffix BBlook.exe /s, or to do both reset and screen BBlook.exe  /sr
Any time you use the /r reset suffix with a number a space must be between
 R and the number  

An / O suffix added after the Filename.ext will cause BBlook.out ( The log
file ) to be appended to instead of killed on each run. This will allow you to 
IMPORTE it using wakeup.bb occasionally.

An / UD suffix will cause BBlook to create a File of headers that will be
appended to Filename.exe BBHLGU.OUT that may be imported and forwarded to
another REBBS who wishes them. Possibly one which may not be in the main
stream of traffic, or one station in a LAN can parse out headers for all the
rest. These may be re-addressed by Action.bb or distributed as you wish.
If the / UD option is set then the resident BBlook.exe will not update on
it's own BBHLGU messages.
BBlook may normally be used to update from BBHLGU messages created at other
REBBS locations if this option is not used.
Any addresses that exist in your hlookup.bb file will be updated in their
original position in the file. Any additions will be added at the bottom of 
the list. You may run BBhlypfx.exe occasionally to put them in alphabetical
order if you wish. This will not cause any problem with REBBS either way.
You may keep your BBlook files in a separate directory if wanted by adding
a line in Parms.bb ;bblook_dir = Path\  otherwise the default directory
will be used.    ( Make sure you use the ";" comment marker in the parameter

To prevent constant updating of BBS stations who use two Callsigns
You may have a text file list of calls in your ;bblook_dir =
or default directory whichever you use. This file should be named 
UPDATE.NOT and have one call per line up to 30 that will never be 
changed by BBlook, BBludf, or BBwpud. The file must however be in 
the directory you have created your server files in and specified
in parms.bb or the default directory if none is specified.


BBlook and BBhlypfx contain filtering to try to combat
embedded control characters which may exist in your Hlookup.bb file from
previous use of a word processer or editor. 

If repeated attempts to run these programs fails try a new Hlookup.bb file.
You may obtain a large one with optional fields using your web browser from
the W1NPR web site at:


REBBS in the BBDPMI mode will edit the full Hlookup.bb file and may be used
to look for bad formats and control characters ( They often show up bright or
a different color)
I recommend running BBlook.exe from wakeup.bb with the defaults, hourly, so
that short fast runs will be created after the initial startup.
Runtime may be increased or shortened by adjusting the second line in Last.hdr
Please report bugs and problems, suggestions welcome.

Also try BBuser.exe which will let you find data in both the user file 
and in Hlookup.bb 

BBreqyp.exe and BBrtyp.exe Remote and Real-time Yellow Page servers will use the data
provided by this version of BBlook.exe to maintain a Yellow page database.

Report bugs and comments to:

Freeman M Crosby
502 1/2 Estada St. 
Englewood FL 34223

E-mail is the best way to contact me:


Packet address: ( poor path at present )


Have fun !


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