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BBseries Remote Yellow Page Server

BBreqyp.exe                 (c) 1992-1999 by Freeman. M. Crosby     W1NPR

Tested for Y2K compatibility to be used with:

The AA4RE REBBS V2.13+   Copyright (c) 1988 and 1994 by H. Roy Engehausen
Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY 
Generic operation as a server only may also be obtained without automated
updates. Some additional files  will be required ( Hlookup.bb )

************************* NOTE Y2K Change ! **********************************
BBmakeyp.exe is no longer functional, to create your Yellow pages database
run BBhlypfx.exe ( included in this zip file )first with the SAM database and
TSR installed. BBlook.exe, if installed will maintain and update Hlookup.bb


Yellow page server which will provide Sysops and Users with lists of BBS stations
by searching their Hierarchical address in Hlookup.bb or in some cases if
available by State, City or Zipcode.
The S, C and Z searches require the SAM CallSign database and either BBlook or
BBmakeyp to maintain the data.


Place the BBreqyp.exe program and it's .REP and .TRL files anywhere you wish,
if you select any directory other than the BBS default for BBreqyp.exe 
you must path to it when calling it up.

Edit the BBreqyp.trl and BBreqyp.rep files to suit, Rotate.trl is not required
and if not used should not exist, Edit the sample or DELete it.

Edit BBreqyp.cfg as follows:

=========================== Sample BBreqyp.cfg ==============================

NOTE! This configuration file must be EXACT ! for proper operation of your
BBREQYP  ( Yellow page ) server.

Each parameter is on a single line.
Line #1 = Your BBS callsign
Line #2 = What you want the server to return message from like REQYP or
          whatever. I recommend you use your callsign as many sysops do 
          not like it as From REQYP@W1NPR for some reason.
Line #3 = Exact path to your BBreqyp files, you should have all related
          files in this directory including any trailers etc.
Line#4 = Exact path and fully qualified name for the file to be searched
         It may be Hlookup.bb or  a modified version Hlookup.yp which is
         produced by BBmakeyp.exe ( Needed for Town/state/finds )
Line #4 = Total size of response possible 
Line #5 = Size of individual messages which will be created by BBsplit.
The server reads from top to bottom and picks up the configuration. 
Do NOT have any comments etc. Just facts in these lines left justified etc.
It will work if you have it right. This simple configuration saves code in
the main program.
======================= End of sample BBreqyp.cfg ===========================


BBreqyp will use any unmodified Hlookup.bb file from the AA4RE BBS program
or a modified one ( created with BBmakeyp.exe ).
You will specify what file and it's path in BBreqyp.cfg

NO State, City or Zipcode data will be available using unmodified Hlookup.bb

The REBBS will use the modified version and I suggest that you use only one
for practicality, the other options are for GENERIC use and those who may
not want to play with their Hlookup.bb

If you use BBlook.exe ( The update program ) you MUST use the new version
BBlook.exe V2.12E or later so that the files will be updated properly.

BBmakeyp.exe will use the SAM callSign database to provide the State, City
and Zipcode information.

BBlook will keep the database current from messages passing through the BBS.

Generic users will have to update Hlookup.bb by obtaining a new one and 
running BBmakeyp.exe on it, or download it from the W1NPR BBS when needed.
This copy will have the CallSign data already installed.


BBreqyp may be run from Wakeup.bb or manually from the command line using
several of the REBBS server commands. An example follows

To run BBreqyp every 30 minutes the following should work:
==/==/== +00:30 ES [QEKIZ] REQYP (Path\)BBREQYP.EXE

To run BBreqyp while others are connected you may add the [A] bracket command
Path is optional and only needed if BBreqyp.exe is not in the default BBS dir.

See AA4RE's Server.doc for other options. 
See Generic.doc, Gtepms.doc or F6fbb.doc for other operating help.

BBreqyp.exe creates a running log of it's operation in the BBreqyp directory
specified in BBreqyp.cfg and this may be imported daily or whenever you wish.
It will append to itself and should be IMPORTED or killed occasionally.

I suggest this as the most practical method, daily :

==/==/== 02:30 IMPORTE (Path\)BBREQYP.LOG 

Path in this case is the one in BBreqyp.cfg !!


Users will request in a Subject of their message the search criteria they
desire. See BBreqyp.rep for details.


If you are not running a modified version of Hlookup.bb ( with added data )
then edit BBreqyp.rep to only indicate the I and H searches.
Read Disclaim.er  !


Report bugs and comments to:

Freeman M Crosby
502 1/2 Estada St. 
Englewood FL 34223

E-mail is the best way to contact me:


Packet address: ( poor path at present )


Have fun !


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