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The Wpage System for the AA4RE packet BBS

Y2K updates

The BBseries Wpage system:          (c) 1994-1999 by Freeman. M. Crosby     W1NPR
Tested for Y2K compatibility to be used with:

The AA4RE REBBS V2.13+   Copyright (c) 1988 and 1994 by H. Roy Engehausen
Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY 

Y2K testing consisted of testing the programs for operation and modifying any
that were date sensitive. BBwped BBwpjoin and BBwpmk required major changes.

All programs will run with your existing Wpage data.

New y2k updates are in three parts:

1. Setup and maintenance programs and docs are in wpy2k_ut.zip 
2. Database update programs and docs are in wpy2k_ud.zip
3. Wpage server programs and docs are in wpy2k_sv.zip

A database seed of over 51,000 users is in wp_seed1.zip

All the programs and documentation needed for startup and normal operation of
the Wpage system are included in the wpy2k_??.zip programs.

Please note, only the files included in the wpy2k_??.zip update files have been 
tested. Many other auxiliary programs have been produced in the past for
specific operations, I don't THINK any are date sensitive but please let
me know if you are using any of these and wish to have them updated.

NO Civil Air Patrol or Navy/Marine Corps Mars servers or utility programs have
been updated. Let me know on an individual basis if you are using any of these.


This system keeps a record of all known Packet users in a resident database.

Known users are those who have used your system, sent messages which passed
through your system or other systems that have provided WP update messages
which have passed through your BBS.

It will serve up this information both Real Time and Remotely, address any Message
which is sent from your BBS to a User who is in the database and provide added
information in Callsign server requests. 

If used with the SAM callsign database and other BBseries programs they will be
interactive and use data as needed from each other.
Data format of the BBWpage system (c) 1991-1999 F.M. Crosby W1NPR
This data system was set up to be simple, easily modified and allow updates to be
transmitted via packet messages. The use of many small files makes searches
fast and simple !

Two database filing systems are used one for small and one for large data-
bases. Calls are selected by the last two letters or numbers of the  call.

NOTE !!! The small database should no longer be used, the system has outgrown it 
during the last few years.

No attempt to keep data in alphabetical order is made or needed as the computer
doesn't care. Duplicates should be kept out by the software, additions must be
made with the editor. You could put one in with a text editor if you insist,
but be careful. 

All extensions are .WP  
In the LARGE database system:
The first character of the filename is a number selected by the next to
last character of the callsign assigned as follows:

      All # = 0
      A - B = 1
      C D E = 2
      F G H = 3
      I J K = 4 
      L M N = 5
      O P Q = 6
      R S T = 7
      U V W = 8
      X Y Z = 9
The second character is the last letter of the callsign.

So KD6XZ who got me started in this would be put in the as 9Z.WP file.
KQ1K would be put in the 0K.WP file etc.

In the SMALL system the same format is used but all filenames start with
"0" this keeps the total number of files to 26 or so depending on the
possibility of numbers coming up. Filenames will be "0" and the last letter of
the callsign.

So KD6XZ in the SMALL system will be under 0Z.WP as will all the calls ending
in "Z".         KQ1K will be under 0K.WP in this setup also.

This will allow the easy transfer of data between the two systems using the
BBwpmk.exe program. As it reads both types of data and will put it into the
database you select in parms.bb in the format that is selected it is a simple
matter to read either data into either format using the page command.

How I get them in and out is my problem.  

The actual data files are all coded using the ~ tilde as follows
C~CALL             Callsign of user                               required
Q~CALL.HIER.ADDR   QTH     Home BBS of user with Hier.addr.       required
O~DATE             Last update of file                            required
E~DATE             Expiration date        [REBBS]                 optional
N~NAME             User name                                      optional 
Z~ZIPCODE          Users zipcode                                  optional
L~LOCATION         Users location         [W0RLI]                 optional

Nothing will be filed without the required information. Optional is optional
data found in the User.bb file, W0RLI headers or Sam the Callsign database

Here is what my data looks like in file C:\BB\WP\6R.WP of my database

C~W1NPR Q~W1NPR.#SRQ.FL.USA.NOAM O~910811 E~920101 N~Free Z~02630 L~Barnstable

Here is one with the minimum required data below, no space wasted on blanks.


Files are delimited using standard sequential file methods of CR-LF and must
be kept in their exact format for proper operation. Use BBwped.exe to edit !

Each data file up to 32K is handled as a chunk and searches may be made in a
fraction of a second for the needed data. If changes are to be made the file
is cut out of the middle edited and reinserted, the file is re-written to disk.

Report bugs and comments to:

Freeman M Crosby
502 1/2 Estada St. 
Englewood FL 34223

E-mail is the best way to contact me:


Packet address: ( poor path at present )


Have fun !


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