BBseries ( 4RE BBS servers and utility programs )
Y2K compliancy progress report

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Up to recently I was Y2K complacent, now I am trying to become Y2K compliant.
As I had assumed 4RE would not continue to operate after Jan 1, 2000 I had planned
to discontinue my Packet BBS operation.

Now that at least two Y2K versions are available I have taken a renewed interest in revising as
many of my server/utility programs as possible to operate into the year 2000 and beyond.

Most of the programs will run as-is although I plan to check them one at a time and update the

All updates are written and tested in Windows 98 SE.

I have started with my most popular program BBlook and while bringing it up to date have cleaned up
some bugs I ran into with BBhlfix and replaced it and BBmakeyp with BBhlypfx.exe

I have tested the Yellow page servers with these updates and they seem to function OK as is.
Combined with the SAM callsign database the Yellow pages are a wonderful sysop tool as they
let you search for US and Canadian BBS systems by Call, State, County and zipcode as well as
World wide ones by call.
I don't recall writing one for the Buckmaster version but will review this possibility.

( 11/24/99 ) BBfkill.exe required a Y2K update, this has been completed and the program is ready to be tried
out. BBfkill was originally written for John Anning and is a very flexible way to clean old files
from your system using or in a separate window.
My present Packet system is on a Pentium 133, 1996 Award BIOS V4.51PG Plug and Play
Rev B 11/11/96 32 mb. Ram Windows 98
Running 4RE Beta 4 Version 2.13T (y2k) Edited by Mike Fahmie WA6ZTY in a DOS window
BPQ is loaded first along with TSRs for SAM and Buckmaster data.

All tests with year 2000 dates have been successful so far.
Most servers are operating in a separate DOS window continuously
and do not require the BBS to shell out to perform their functions.


Wpage update report:

New y2k updates are in three parts:

Setup and maintenance programs and docs are in
Database update programs and docs are in
Wpage server programs and docs are in
A database seed of over 51,000 users is in wp_seed?.zip

All the programs and documentation needed for startup and normal operation of
the Wpage system are included in the wpy2k_??.zip programs.

Please note, only the files included in the wpy2k_??.zip update files have been
tested. Many other auxiliary programs have been produced in the past for
specific operations, I don't THINK any are date sensitive but please let
me know if you are using any of these and wish to have them updated.

NO Civil Air Patrol or Navy/Marine Corps Mars servers or utility programs have
been updated. Let me know on an individual basis if you are using any of these.


All seems well at this time, Rollover was uneventful. Only problems seem to be bad
headers from stations whose sysops who have not upgraded their software.
To my knowledge all current software versions have been made compliant.

Please contact me with any problems you encounter with the BBseries Server/Utility programs.
Address comments *
My contact information is outdated in the old documentation and is currently as follows:

Report bugs and comments to:

Freeman M Crosby
502 1/2 Estada St.
Englewood FL 34223

E-mail is the best way to contact me:

Packet address: ( poor path at present )


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