John Crosby 1440


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada Jane Ruckle
October 20, 1880141019596378Springford Cemetery, South Norwich twp, Ontario
Agnes Ruckle
about 18401820October 7, 191210972Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Archibald McLeod Ruckle
January 6, 1905117Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada2February 24, 19823977Tawas City, Michigan USA
Bessy M Ruckle
November 28, 18911300
Beverly Elizabeth Ruckle
January 2, 1939833November 8, 19853646
Caspar Ruckle
1660362Germany1July 175127091Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland
Catherine Ruckle
about 1856166Ireland0August 21, 187214916Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland
Catherine Ruckle
September 12, 1833188In Ireland0after 192210088Ekfrid TP, Middlesex County, Ontario (Eddie Cemetery)
Catherine Ruckle
Cecil Ruckle
August 18851365October 19586373Whittemore, Michigan USA (Saints Cemetery)
Celia Ruckle
Charles Ruckle
March 20, 1864157Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland0
Charles Cecil Ruckle
October 11, 19011200
Clara Ruckle
about 1852170Ireland0July 8, 192010168
Clara Mae Ruckle
August 17, 1895126South Dakato0March 19606164
Daniel Ruckle
about 1848174Ireland0
Daniel Ruckle
237Ireland12March 19, 186715482Dereham Tp, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada
Daniel Ruckle
17292931September 18, 180821379
Daniel Ruckle
June 15, 1831190In Ireland0June 26, 191310882Culloden, Oxford County, Ontario Canada
David Ruckle
David Ruckle
about 1849173Ireland5
Dorothy Elaine Ruckle
October 28, 193289Lacombe, Alberta Canada8February 27, 19863553Collingwood, Ontario Canada
Dorothy Sarah Jane Ruckle
June 5, 1910111Grand Forks, British Columbia Canada7Simcoe, Ontario
Edward Ruckle
September 5, 1863158Ireland5August 29, 191310849Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
Edward F Ruckle
Elizabeth Ruckle
September 30, 1807214In Ireland0September 6, 189512687Leeds County, Ontario Canada
Elva Lenore Ruckle
April 6, 1891130Sully Co, South Dakato0
Florence Elizana Ruckle
April 2, 1893128Sully Co, South Dakato0
Francis Ruckle
November 16, 1867154Ireland6
Francis Arthur Ruckle
November 17, 18841371October 12, 19675482River Falls, Pierce Co, Wisconsin
Francis Henry Ruckle
October 23, 1895126Kettle River, British Columbia, Canada0September 19784382
George Ruckle
193785Port Alberni, Alberta Canada01937850Port Alberni, Alberta Canada
George Ruckle
George Ruckle
17572652December 5, 183618579Ireland
Gertrude Anabel Ruckle
October 9, 1897124British Columbia, Canada0January 4, 19279529Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Harry Ruckle
June 17, 18861350June 9, 19309143
Harry Clayton Ruckle
July 16, 1889132South Dakato4March 19774487
Harry G Ruckle
Henry Ruckle
July 12, 1835186In Ireland0July 4, 191310877Beaver Point, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada
Henry William Ruckle
July 25, 1857164Ireland6February 14, 19249766
James Ruckle
October 12, 1860161Ireland0
Jane Ruckle
about 1823199Ireland15December 4, 186715444Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland
Died of a haemmorage at age 43 per Derek Green
Jane Ruckle
September 3, 1865156Ireland0August 9, 18721496Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland
John Ruckle
about 1826196In Ireland0about 187514749
John William Ruckle
about 1857165Ireland3
Lucy Ruckle Ruckle
October 14, 1886135Dereham Twp, Oxford Co, Ontario0
Mabel May Ruckle
April 2, 19001213
Mary Catherine Ruckle
February 22, 1888133Caradoc Twp, Middlesex Co, Ontario, Canada0June 10, 18941276
Norma Joan Ruckle
March 7, 193487Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan0March 8, 1934870Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Norman Henry Ruckle
February 26, 19061151September 27, 19853679Sault Ste Marie, Chippewa Co, Michigan USA
Roland Jace Ruckle
March 18, 1964570June 26, 19764512
Sarah Ruckle
April 7, 1854167Ireland4after 192210067Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario Canada (Delhi Cemetery)
Sarah A Ruckle
Sebastian Ruckle
1679343Germany1between 1750 and 177027271County Limerick, Ireland
Thomas Ruckle
September 29, 1907114Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada4February 16, 19685360
Thomas Ruckle
November 18, 1855166Nantenan, Ireland3February 27, 19487392Whittemore, Michigan USA
Thomas Ruckle
1830192In Ireland0July 25, 186915239Dereham Tp, Oxford County, Ontario Canada
William Ruckle
about 1862160Ireland0August 2, 187214910Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland
William Edgar Ruckle
June 5, 1897124Sully Co, South Dakato1November 19843787
William Edward Ruckle
November 21, 1902119Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada4October 2, 19833880Oliver, British Columbia, Canada